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ONA SNOP blasts through 2020’s intermittent Damnation

By now, you’re all probably exhausted by the constant devolving of the human race as we glide forward into global uncertainty. Without the release of live music, we’re all more or less dependent on live streams and new digital/physical releases. I wish had something positive to offer in this situation but I am truly at a loss for words on a daily basis. I’m here taking the never-ending bad news cycle day by day while scouring the internet for new music to generate a minuscule amount of serotonin. All of this is to say that the Leeds fastcore powerhouse, ONA SNOP, has brought our Intermittent Damnation as a species front and center with their newest release. Seventeen blistering tracks of unrestrained fastcore that, for a brief moment, make life almost seem like it’s worth it. Just kidding, it’s fastcore, what you see is what you get and there’s no escaping the hellscape we’ve created for ourselves! Stream their new record and binge some live footage below.

Proper Lads captured by Myron Fung

Intermittent Damnation will be Available Nov/Dec 2020 on vinyl through LIXIVIAT RECORDS (EU) and NO TIME RECORDS (US), and on tape through COXINHA RECORDS (EU) and NO TIME (US).

Live footage via Xibolton

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