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Pure HC FURY – Raw Uncut Sonic RAGE: 3 Quality Control HQ Bands You Need to HEAR!

I write this from a place of Love, Honor, and Respect, and I say it with my chest: Quality Control HQ is an outstanding label!!! Everything that this London DIY label puts out bleeds with passion and always sounds next level. You can tell that the humans that run QCHC are a part of the UKHC scene and do what they do with a sense of community! They don’t just release UKHC either, they also push global hardcore forward, releasing bands from all over the world. Today I want to shed light on three new QCHC releases that totally pushed my wig back!


Existence’s Go To Heaven fucking RULES! Yeah, this album is gnarly AF but it’s the band’s sense of melody that gets me beyond stoked. The drumming on this album is so rad I can’t help but move. This is why their breakdowns are a thing to remember and I can’t get enough of them. All you have to do is listen to their song “Realm of Hate” to experience the brilliance of Existence for yourself! So imagine Killing Joke, Slayer, and Integrity joining forces to create an album, the end result might sound like Go To Heaven. Do the right thing press play and find out for yourself how sick Existence really is!


WTF Antagonizm’s album Freeze Motherfuckerz is freaking awesome and makes me feel young again. While listening to this album I can’t help but think about when I saw Reagans Youth for the first time or when I saw Cause for Alarm wreck shop at the Cathay De Grande. This band’s music looks back at 80s NYHC but is rooted in today’s reality. Antagonizm’s songs are thick with RAGE and will punch your brain cells with each listen. Again I can’t over their breakdowns and their unrelenting riffs of fury! If Antagonizm was around in the 80s I would have drawn their band name on my jeans for sure. I also would have made sure that they got booked for a Goldenvoice show at the Olympic Auditorium! Freeze Motherfuckerz from the moment the needle drops.

Pest Control

Unholy Hot Like FIRE Pest Control’s new album Don’t Test the Pest is a classic in my book! Damn, this album bangs harder than the Rollin 20’s Blood Gang and is a non-stop Cross over Thrash gem! WTF the breakdown you will encounter while blasting this album will put a smile on your face! Peep the anthem “Buggin Out” and tell me this band is not fire and I just might lose my shit. Unholy hell yes, I would love to see them live. Mark my words Pest Control has something to say and the world better gets with the program! “Don’t Test the Pest” is a HUGE Riff party that will get you drunk on Radness!

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Sentient 51423

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