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Walking On Your Hands…RED LORRY YELLOW LORRY Video Retrospective

Non-stop beats, voices that could make a ghost dance, who goes there? Red Lorry Yellow Lorry! This Leeds Positive Punk band created dark, catchy tunes that you could not avoid in the mid-’80s. My favorite was their second album, Paint Your Wagon — there is not one bad tune on this record. Red Lorry Yellow Lorry was all about the groove; when I saw them in ’85 they had drummers all playing floor toms and they forced us to move to their groove. The vibe can be felt on this album, each song has a driving drum that commands your brain cells to stand to attention. Although this band has a darkness about them, many of their songs have a sense of upliftment that will bring your spirits up. The singer has this really deep voice with an old-world feeling to the way he sings. Musically, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry was amazing to me – their guitar feedback just washed over my whole skeleton and put me in a trance-like state. They paired music that made you move, with lyrics that made you want to paint your bedroom black. All you have to do is listen to songs like “Walking On Your Hands” and everything I have written here will ring true!

The night I witnessed the magic of RLYL
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