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Experience the Blissed-Out Dystopian Banger “Torrent” by CRIMEWAVE

The past is the future and the present is a space where worlds collide! CRIMEWAVE is soon to release their album title TBA on the brand new imprint Notes by Design. I can tell you that this collection of songs could only have been created by someone from Manchester. The reason is that dating back to the 70s and beyond, Bass music has been the foundation of its club culture. Imagine if Tricky from the Angels with Dirty Faces era destroyed UNKLES’ Psyence Fiction and then put it back together with Richard File while he was on acid — the outcome might sound like this album. What amazes me about title TBA is that in between the off-kilter glitches of sound exists sonic rivers of soul laid down by the on-point vocalist. If I heard this record in 2001, I would have been bumping it on my way up to Planet E and on my come down back to Planet Earth. CRIMEWAVE creates dystopian club bangers for the apocalyptic time we are living in. I have to give this project the props it deserves because it’s experimental while still being warm and mind-altering! I hear and feel so much hope as I take in these shapeshifting soundscapes. CRIMEWAVE, I want you to know that LP is RAD AF and we are huge fans over here at CVLT Nation. I’m super stoked to share with y’all their new song “Torrent” below. I know for a fact this record had to be made because it is something that was alive deep inside the creator’s soul.

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Sentient 51423

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