Noothgrush – Erode the Person
Anthology 1997-1998
Review + Footage

Noothgrush deal with the naive and superficial aspects of mankind, and the dreary everyday shit that we have come to accept in the world, musically accompanied with harsh, disconcerting sounds.

To get their early split records with Corrupted, Suppression, Carol Ann, Wellington and Gasp would be a tough, expensive task at this stage of the game. So it is good to know that Throne Records have reissued their 2006 release of re-mastered recordings from 1997 to 1998, including those hard to find split vinyl releases, along with compilation and unreleased tracks. This all comes wrapped inside a digipack envelope containing a 12 page booklet that gives all the additional elements to each song, with unreleased artwork and updated info.


It’s nice to revisit these songs, driven as they are by those dirty, doom-laden riffs that have stayed since the band began. Listening to their songs from the Corrupted split, it is hard to believe that it is from 1997, as not many bands were playing these gloomy Sabbath riffs with fucked larynx vocals, other than the obvious exceptions.

This release is limited to 500 worldwide, with 40 CDs offered as a mailorder-only bundle which has an exclusive Noothgrush ‘Hatred for the species’ t-shirt. Other limited Throne releases out at the moment are Corrupted – ‘Nadie’ 12″ and Jarboe – ‘Mahakali’ LP


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heavy fucking album!