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Experience the Perfect New Romantic / Post Punk Majesty of STILL RUINS s/t LP

As this world spins on its axis of pain and suffering music is my looking glass into a positive mental space! As the snow falls outside my inner peace seeks solace it’s music that gives my inner self a safe place! This s/t STILL RUINS LP, which is out now on Smoking Room & Cercle Social Records, is so good that it’s almost beyond words. Listening to their music puts a smile on my face and makes me believe in myself at the same time! On BIG TUNES like “Until Then,” they hit these frequencies that are vast and highly romantic. STILL RUINS are sonic wizards at manifesting majestic bliss-filled anthems that will shower your reality with mournful sunshine! I know when I’m in the presence of greatness and STILL RUINS are just that great. “Of Devotion” reminds me of walking down Melrose in the 80s and seeing all of the different tribes unify under the banner of not fitting into the mainstream. I know for a fact if this album came out in the 80s, KROQ would have it on repeat. It’s 2024, so CVLT Nation has the new STILL RUINS on repeat! I want the band to know that they have created a record that will stand the test of eternity and have a positive impact on lives for years to come, So thank you!

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Sentient 51423

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