New Blue Cross “Conspiracy” LP streaming now!

by Oliver Sheppard

Ottawa, Canada’s goth-punk duo Blue Cross have just delivered their third full-length LP, “Conspiracy,” in under two years – a remarkable feat, considering that many bands nowadays take years to release new material. Originally a side-project of street punk band Germ Attak, Blue Cross’ music explores more mid-tempo postpunk and deathrock territory. Their sound, guided by Jess’ spectral vocals, recalls bands like the Superheroines, Madhouse, and more obscure early goth-y postpunk with female vocals like Your Funeral or Pink Military.

Chaos Rurale Records and Blue Cross’ own Bandcamp page have made “Conspiracy” available for streaming, coinciding with the physical release of the album. (Bruised Tongue is actually offering the LP on cassette!) CVLT Nation has been following Blue Cross since the beginning; the band’s debut LP, “Mass Hysteria,” was reviewed here; their second LP, “I am Death,” was reviewed here; and the band was interviewed by CVLT Nation last year here. Recently, Maximum Rock ‘n Roll also interviewed the band.

Click the graphic below to begin streaming “Conspiracy” now!

Blue Cross played their first live show on June 28th with melodic Parisian punk band La Fraction, and their second live show will be with The Mob (!) at Ottawa, Canada’s RRRÖÖÖAAARRR !! fest on August 2 with members of Asile fleshing out the live lineup.


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Oliver Sheppard

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