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New Age Culture and its Effect on the Social Validity of Synchronicities

I’ve been to a lot of occult stores. It’s just something I do when I’m bored. I figure it’s something to do and a place where there’s a higher percent chance of me overhearing an interesting conversation. Unfortunately, there was one conversation a few weeks ago that I overheard in a New Age store that really disgusted me. It went something like this:

“Oh Becky, you’ll never guess what amazing synchronicities the Universe has brought me!”

“What happened, Pam?”

“Ronnie said that he was going on a cruise to Costa Rica, and it turns out that we just happen to have bought tickets for the same one!”

“Wow! That’s amazing! What a blessed time to be alive, the universe and its alignments are truly incredible!”

“And while we were at the juice cleansing bar, my yoga teacher mentioned he had heard about the same cruise too!”

“No way, that’s wonderful! You and Bob will enjoy yourselves, the Universe and the Law of Attraction has brought us such wonderful things!”

hippiesMade you shudder, didn’t it? Reminded you of your upper-middle class flaky aunt that’s into, like, gentrified white-Buddhism? Good, because me too.

For all I know, that cruise was super important to Pam and Ronnie’s lives, but it’s the constant romanticism of esoteric concepts that really pisses me the fuck off.

Synchronicities are not super chill “blessings.” In my opinion, they can be fascinating, but they’re generally a big fucking headache. For example:

Once I lost my wallet. On a seemingly unrelated note, my shaman friend, who lives in Florida, started having a fixation with the concept of “stacking” things on top of each other. For a few days he was “stacking” boxes, “stacking” bottles, “stacking” anything he could find on top of one another. A couple days later, it turns out I had lost my wallet at a restaurant called “Stacked.” He did not know at the time that this restaurant even existed (Stacked is a really fucking good place to eat, by the way.)

This is just an example of one of the many ways the world can fuck with you in some super stupid ways. Synchronicities are recurring themes or motifs that are placed in front of you to try to communicate a message. Psychologically, it makes sense, too. If you wanted (or subconsciously wanted) to ask a certain girl out named Mandy, wouldn’t everyday things start reminding you of Mandy? Wouldn’t you notice every girl you met that looked like her, everyone with the same name, serving you annoying reminders that you internally felt like you needed to confront her?

The concept of “synchronicities” is something very simple that can be approached from a standard psychological standpoint or a paranormal one. It’s unfortunate that a large portion of the human population who use the jargon affiliated with the concept, play into sort of an unintelligent feel-good culture. It turns people off from exploring alternative ways of considering the world that we live in.






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Sarah Wreck is the creator of Shitty Occult Comics, a daily occult-satire comic strip. She is also a medium, an occultist, a noise artist, a painter, a writer, and an asshole.

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