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1817, the American South. Forty miles north of Nashville, Tennessee lay a small farming community on the banks of the Red River. A family is besieged by an invisible force with the power to speak, move objects, and even harm the living. A mere amusement to many, a supernatural curiosity

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I’ve been to a lot of occult stores. It’s just something I do when I’m bored. I figure it’s something to do and a place where there’s a higher percent chance of me overhearing an interesting conversation. Unfortunately, there was one conversation a few weeks ago that I overheard in

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Spotted at The Line UP 1. MY TRUE STORY. MY WIFE AND I WILL SWEAR TO IT IN FRONT OF ANY PERSON ON THIS PLANET. We lived in a fairly new doublewide mobile home that sets on a spot that has never had house of any kind and is at

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