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Experience the Addictive Nocturnal Beats of MVTANT “Turn On The Mirrorshade (Kris Baha Cover)”

Excuse me as I turn you on to the vinyl release of MVTANT’s Gore + Mirrorshade. This nocturnal industrial dance artist has unified with Dream Recordings to put out their two debut EPs on one gorgeous piece of vinyl. Imagine if Suicide injected their sound into ’90s era NIN – the outcome might sound like this Kris Baha cover of MVTANT’s track “Mirrorshade.” Personally, when I blast his music I can’t help but think about sweaty after-hours clubs in the Lower East Side of New York. The sonics you’ll encounter on Gore + Mirrorshade reek of sultry sex and chains. I’m really stoked to share with y’all our premiere of MVTANT “Turn On The Mirrorshade (Kris Baha Cover)” below – the release is today, so make sure to order their vinyl here!


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