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Minimal, Muscular & Sonic Violence: Experience YANWYTYA “Love’s Secret Purpose”

Oh Hell Fucking YES! The new YANWYTYA Through The Prism Of Flesh is one of my favorite HEAVY Records of 2022. Every song on this tape is a beast!!! Real talk, this project defies genres but also kicks ass in so many different genres. Y’all could say that they are Black Metal! Y’all could say they are Industrial! Y’all could say that they are Power Electronics! What I will say is that YANWYTYA has manifested an album that stands alone it’s awesomeness!!! When y’all hear “Never Real, Always True,” it feels like going to your favorite horror movies with a sick soundtrack of all of out RAGE. Personally I’m thrilled to blast Through The Prism Of Flesh LOUD AF because it’s that damn good. I feel so honored to share YANWYTYA’s song “Love’s Secret Purpose” below. I want to give a major shout out to Instruments of Discipline for releasing this very epic tape on Sept. 20th — y’all can pre-order it HERE!

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