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Wave Your Hedonism flag High AF! Blast SCHACKE’s new tape “Apocalyptic Decadence” Loud AF!

What does the label Instruments of Discipline mean to me? They represent a state of mind that is free from judgement and a sonic space that is safe for me to explore new sounds! Which is why when I saw that they we’re releasing a new Schacke project entitled Apocalyptic Decadence I had to turn y’all on to it! Over the course of 10 tracks, this creative human takes on a journey to time and place that is pure BLISS! Their music is more than just techno it’s sounds like the inner working of machines while still making me think of mother nature. I can’t front, some tunes take me back to 1997 when I was off my head on E and would dance for hours at San Francisco End UP! Schacke kills it on the tune “Motorsports” — the groove is so addictive I can’t help but to dance! The song “Dungeon Crawler” is sexy as fuck and makes me want to wave my hedonism flag HIGH AF! Join me as I celebrate this new Schacke release. If we all danced our lives away we could change the world. Thank you Instruments of Discipline for always releasing music that matters!

The concept for Schacke’s Apocalyptic Decadence was thought out during the dark days of the first lockdown in 2020, it is essentially about the desire for hedonism and excess being amplified when faced with apocalyptic omens and the annihilation of the familiar.

When faced with destruction, the psyche approaches a duality, it can either swallow the pill of bitter realism or withdraw and escape into the imaginal, constructing a world of hedonism and pleasure, the paradox of the latter, which the album explores, is that this approach only accelerates the process of impending doom and the delusion that through the pursuit of eschatological pleasure, the world might be orgasmically reborn. via Instruments of Discipline

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Sentient 51423

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