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Black Metal

Listen to the Fuck You Rock of MAJESTIC MASS

Unholy FUCK – Caligari Records has done it again with the soon to be released tape by MAJESTIC MASS entitled Savage Empire of Death. These Danish hellions have created a collection of depraved tunes that are scuzzy and dripping with morbid melody. On the real, I can’t stop listening to this. Maybe it’s because their music makes me want to drink whiskey and have wild sex! If you are a fan of putrid, blackened Rock n Roll, then this band is knocking on your door on August 31st and you better let them in. MAJESTIC MASS is the real freakin deal and CVLT Nation is so stoked to be streaming Savage Empire of Death in full below, and you bastards better pre-order this motherfucking tape HERE!!!

Majestic Mass is ugly – the worlds’ mirror.  But also beautiful, since it’s a greeter of death.

Majestic Mass is madness, it’s rock n’ roll. Pure fuck you-rock…’



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