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Lose Your Mind! Lose Your Sh!t: Blast the New Bonkers Song from PETBRICK “Ayan”

Set IT OFF…Say It LOUD…PETBRICK’s new EP Ayan is Setting It OFF Non-Stop and this is me trying not to be overly Hyped! Over the course of 9 minutes, they teleport your mind to a place where Tribal Psychedelic Techno Reigns SUPREME! From the moment you press play, you will realize that PETBRICK can’t be fucked with! This insanely awesome record is coming out on the rad label Rocket Records on  May 20th on a ltd to 100 ‘Rave Tape’ cassettes, hand-numbered and signed by Iggor and Wayne, and can be preordered here. When I DJ the Verboden fest here in Vancouver next Wednesday, May 11th, I will be playing Ayan (EP includes remixes by SURGEON and CARDOPUSHER) for sure and I know it’s going to set it OFF! I’m beyond stoked to share the new PETBRICK track below!

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Sentient 51423

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