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Listen to the IN YOUR FACE HARDCORE Punk of SPUTA’s “No Redemption”

How about some Hardcore? How about some SPUTA? Their new EP No Redemption is an aggro collection of Hardcore Punk Anthems! From the very first moment of this record, you realize this band isn’t holding anything back! This record is being co-released by Goodwill Records, Abnegat Records, Passion Means Struggle, Fresh Outbreak Records, La Agonia De Vivir, Sedation Records, Mastice Produzioni and Choices Of Your Own on July 10th. CVLT Nation is streaming it full below – it’s time so you better get with the program!

“No Redemption” focuses majorly on social issues, in particular on how capitalism reflects itself in everyone’s personal sphere. Instead of addressing to institutions, we advanced our critique towards the relationships we have, the people we know, etc. Stilistically, we took inspiration from 80’s American Hardcore and from the modern reinterpretation of it. – Even though most of us come from Italy and took part already in other bands, we met each other in the subcultural explosion that the city of Berlin is. Since one year of being together as a band, we played in almost every Squat and House Project in Berlin, met amazing people and developed a strong connection with the hardcore punk scene. No Redemption, our first Full Length Album, is the final product of these life experiences. – It could be even described as the result of our friendship, since, through music, we have created a strong bond that allowed us to write a record in a very short time. – Listeners should await from this record a cathartic experience of “screaming the shit out of it”.

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Sentient 51423

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