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Listen to DISGUSTED GEIST as they Break Your Mind!

Alright, just to make sure no one discovers this album and band in some years and then says “how did I miss this band or overlook this release?!” – you knew this shit ruled because you saw us saying so right here. Disgusted Geist hail from San Luis Obispo, California, and are creators of some of the most crushing and slime-ridden death-doom to cross our path in a while. Someone must have unbolted a crypt or something down in SLO cause goddamn it, Disgusted Geist have have summoned the entirety of hell to yield such chaos and destruction.

Drawing influence from what I assume are bands like Thou, Noothgrush, Coffins, Asphyx, Corrupted, Winter, and the such, these death dealers of heathen doom have assembled a mere 25 minutes of skull-crushing and bone-rattling death-doom-sludge that will pound your mind and batter your flesh until you are broken into submission. If you like shit like Ilsa, Undergang, Vastum, Primitive Man, Grime etc, make sure you don’t sit on this shit cause it’s some of the most bludgeoning and under-rated/overlooked death-doom to see the light in a minute. The band have released their catastrophic debut album Reign of Enthrallment on tape/digital via Bandcamp and you can punish your flesh with it HERE!




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