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A soundtrack for those invested in unrest: Experience KŒNIG ‘1 Above Minus Underground’

What time is it? It’s time to free your brain cells and plug them into the new kœnig (drummer, composer, rapper, and multi-instrumentalist) album called 1 Above Minus Underground out now on PTP & Ventil Records. Every track on this sonic affair is a universe unto itself and will have you saying, damn, this human creates unreal beats. They have traveled the world to find the right wordsmith to ride each track into outer space. The first two songs featuring Nina Nappy and Moor Mother set the tone for this RAD record. 1 Above Minus Underground is full of the kind of heady Hip Hop that will make you look within and with each listen another chamber of self will be open. Nina Nappy spits some of the illest lines that I have heard in years and takes me back to the Lyricists Lounge energy that ruled NYC during the 90s. Moor Mother paints vivid audio pictures of the hood and does it with such style and passion. The tones that kœnig is able to manifest on this record are mind-blowing. “Diffidence” features the outer galactic MC Sensational and I always knew he was ahead of his time now I totally understand what planet is born on! What I respect about this record is that kœnig found a way to create Heady Underground Hip Hop without sounding contrived. Real talk, every song on 1 Above Minus Underground is a banger and should be enjoyed by all! Respect DUE to every human that made this record possible and to PTP & we salute YOU!

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Sentient 51423

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