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Experience the Sonic Labyrinth that is SHAPEDNOISE’s ‘Absurd Matter’ LP

Inside of nothingness, I can hear their LIES! Inside of everything, I see their TRICKS! Airborne audio is how I connect to be free in style with my fellowship while smashing oppression! I know freedom by the sound it makes, as it does not conform to the laws of normality. These are the thoughts that are flying around my skull as I blast the new album from Shapednoise entitled Absurd Matter. This artist has created a record of fractured beats that can cause full-on brain damage for those who are too deaf to hear. What I love about music like this is that now I know what a Jean-Michel Basquiat painting sounds like. On the big tune “Family (feat. Armand Hammer)” you will hear the MC take you back to Dante Ross and MF Doom while pushing you into another audio universe. I can’t help but press replay on the song “Poetry (feat. Moor Mother)” because this apocalyptic Hip Hop anthem opens my 3rd and 4th Eyes. As a producer, Shapednoise has been able to shape-shift sounds into a place where the abstract is an audio weapon of mass change. With each listen to Absurd Matter, you will realize how absurd this thing called life really is.

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Relapse DF 92123
Sentient 51423

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