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Experience the Digital Hardstep Cyberpunk of TEMP-ILLUSION’s “failsafe”

Temp-Illusion’s failsafe record out now on the forever rad PTP keeps me coming back for more. This experimental duo has manifested what it might feel like to be trapped inside of a broken computer! Their songs almost feel like Free Jazz Electronic Music mixed with a healthy dose of sonic acid. Songs like “Ray Bloody Purchase” are not only heard but they are also felt because of the audio tones that this project unleashes. While listening to this album I find myself going back in time to when I would walk the deserted streets of NYC after a blizzard. Temp-Illusion manifests Techno-inspired soundscapes that are full of life and passion. I would love to microdose some mushrooms and watch them live I know it would be the bomb! Now the tune “Jane Plough” has crawled into my eardrums where it has been glued into thoughts that have not come to life yet. This is more than a musical event, Temp-Illusion has created a dystopian audio universe that I all their own!

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