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Hear Industrial & Hardcore According to UNIFORM

Photo by Terroreyes
Straight up, we really fucking dig the band UNIFORM because they create the kind sonic riots that excite our braincells! Now it’s your chance to jump into their brains and witness the Industrial, Hardcore and other weird shit that causes sonic riots for UNIFORM. Have you heard their new record The Long Walk or their collabo record with The Body called Mental Wounds Not Healing? If not, get on it – and then you can catch them performing the latter because they are hitting the road with The Body on Nov. 7th. CVLT Nation wants to salute UNIFORM for taking the time to allow us into their brains! Check out their playlist below…
From Michael Berdan of UNIFORM
Coil: Horse Rotorvator
One of the most beautiful, sad, and sonically enriching studies on the all consuming complexities of death. Stands in defiance of simple categorization while managing to stay eternally relevant and relatable.

Crossed Out: Crossed Out
Often imitated, never duplicated. Uncompromisingly bleak, oppressive powerviolence from the forefathers of it all.

Leatherstrip: Solitary Confinement
Boundary pushing in tone, subject matter, and delivery while still remaining impossibly catchy, Claus Larsen made the definitive statement on second wave ebm with this record.

Swiz: Hell Yes, I Cheated
Some of the most inventive songwriting and guitar work that has ever come from the genre. The high water mark of DC hardcore (and before you jump down my throat about that, remember that Void were from Maryland).

Ramleh: Hole In The Heart
Fully realizing the bridge between death industrial and noise rock, this is one of the most harmonically rich and emotionally devastating listens that either genre has to offer.

Honeywell: Industry
Absolutely insane hardcore/emo/noise made by young teenagers high on God knows what. This record broke my brain the first time I heard it and changed the way I thought about punk forever.

Covenant: Europa
Take the best moments of Depeche Mode, ramp up the beats and run the whole thing through a fuzz pedal. What’s not to love?

Life’s Blood: Defiance
My favorite New York hardcore band. As tough as it is weirdly melodic and intelligent.

Whitehouse: Cruise
Absolutely seething, visceral monologues over some of the harshest sounds ever committed to tape. Worthy of every scrap of acclaim and controversy it ever courted.

Coldsweat: Blinded
Nihilistic, often brilliant hardcore to rival the best moments of Black Flag. Agonized vocals delivered by the best frontman punk has seen in 30 years. Essential in every possible way.

From Ben Greenberg of UNIFORM – 

Wrangler Brutes – Zulu

Completely re-wrote the rules on how to be a punk band and how to be in a punk band. Effortless and confounding.

Rusted Shut – Rehab

The saddest music in the world made by the worst people of all time.

Laughing Hyenas – Life Of Crime

When John Brannon gets pulled over he lets the cop off with a warning.

Kiss – Alive II

There are two types of people in the world: people who fuck with Kiss and people I don’t fuck with.

Vincebus Eruptum – Vincebus Eruptum

Somewhat overlooked record on Load from back in the day. Features the massive achievement “who farted?”

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