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Avant Garde

How Heavy is Slow? GENG PTP’s ‘Slowness as the Vehicle II’ Mind-Expanding Mix

Slowness as a Vehicle II is a new mix from GENG PTP, aka King Vision Ultra, and it’s heavy AF. On the real, the human creating this mix has such a love for music and understanding of sound that only they could manifest this. Many people reading this feature have a love for Doom, but could never imagine Soul II Soul combined with BORIS and Alice Coltrane. What you are going to experience on Slowness as a Vehicle II will expand the way you hear Heavy Music. When listening to this, I feel like I’m hearing a secret jam session between Miles Davis, RZA, GhostFace, and Black Sabbath. DJ Screw is gone in the flesh but his influence on the underground for IVER. To the whole PTP Crew — we salute y’all for pushing what we know as sound to new audio planets!

to raise funds for GENG PTP’s Fall classes: ‘FOUND SOUND (a history of sampling)’ + ‘Rap Linguistics and World Building’


proceeds of this mix will go to cover admission/registration for learners who are people of the global majority (“BIPOC”)


this mix was originally aired on Montez Press Radio (07/31/2021) – it has been remastered and rerecorded onto cassette dubbed through Tascam Portastudio 414mkII and Library of Congress C1

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Relapse DF 92123
Sentient 51423

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