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Hardcore Punk

How Hateful can Hardcore Punk Get? Experience SPEW ‘HATE DEALER’ NOW!

I say this with my chest: SPEW’s HATE DEALER is one of my favorite HARDCORE PUNK releases of 2022!!! Every song on this EP is a motherfucking BANGER!

When the title track “Hate Dealer” starts to spit all over your eardrums you will become instantly hooked! Next up is “Death Becomes” and this song fucking kicks you straight in your 3rd eye and never lets up! “Fight The Power” is a really inspiring song because it’s a Black Power anthem that is not asking for validation from white society.

All of the tunes on this EP have an epic melodic vibe of chaos that is both menacing and at the same time uplifting! You can’t hide from the energy and passion that radiates from SPEW’s creative life force. If you don’t know, now you know that SPEW is Black created and operated, originating from the mind’s eye of Tony Bontana.

The HATE DEALER EP has earned a spot on our end-of-the-year list, straight up! My only problem is that I need more SPEW songs because I’m addicted, and five songs are not enough.

Written By

Sentient 51423

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