Horrific French Black Metal: NOVAE MILITIAE ‘Gash’khalah’ Gets Vinyl Release

Last year Paris, France’s black metal abomination NOVAE MILITIAE released a crushing sophomore album on CD that went almost completely unnoticed. That’s all about to change now that Argento Records (EU) and Sentient Ruin (US) have re-issued the vile record on a massive gatefold 2xLP. States Argento:

Apocalyptic Black Metal for the end of times. Novae Militiae pushes the boundaries of Black Metal with one of the darkest, most violent and unrelenting releases of the last few years. The French commando shares the same nihilistic vision that characterises countrymen Antaeus, Blut Aus Nord and Deathspell Omega but developed a sound that is completely unique and original.

On their second release “Gash’khalah”, Novae Militiae spawned 8 tracks of pure chaos and negativity built through a dense wall of sound and a backbone of destructive blast beats, only punctuated by a few moments of reflection before bringing you back into the maelstrom.

Clocking in at almost one hour of music, “Gash’khalah” is a complex, feral but still mesmerizing monument to Luciferian majesty that will leave its mark.


The record is indeed monstrous and comes packed with some of the most antihuman and out there atmospheres to appear in a black metal album in a minute. The Gash’khalah Double LP comes in a heavy-weight gatefold jacket, with two vinyl colors available – black and clear red with black swirls. The D side of disc 2 is etched and the whole presentation is utterly staggering. Sentient Ruin also has tapes of the monstrous record. Get it now:

US 2xLP + tape: Sentient Ruin

EU 2xLP: Argento Records


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