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Black Metal

Hear TRESPASSER Unleash Their Chaotic Anti-Fascist Sonic Fury!

Swedish black metal duo TRESPASSER unleash chaotic anti-fascist fury on their second full-length album ἈΠΟΚΆΛΥΨΙΣ (Apokalypsis), an immense follow-up to 2019’s highly acclaimed Чому не вийшло? Its seven blistering black ballads reject the impotent nihilism of traditional black metal and instead implore devotees to march onward, toward revolution and a brighter future.

Based on an anarchistic reading of the Book of Revelation and steeped in early Christian aesthetics, the album explores the twisted cruelty and profound hopefulness found in the bible and paralleled in the ongoing plight of those who continue to struggle against tyranny and oppression around the world. “Revolution is an everlasting an ongoing process” exclaims album opener Forward Into the Light!, “the multitudes are on the march! / Prepare to respond, not if, but when your name is called!”

ἈΠΟΚΆΛΥΨΙΣ is a thirty-nine-minute BARRAGE of riffs which, like a spearhead through the skull of fascism, catapult Trespasser to the pantheon of Swedish melodic black metal alongside such legendary acts as Necrophobic and Sacramentum. From album opener “Forward Into the Light,” the band extends a sanguine invitation to join them as they forge a righteous path into a future free from the war and waste of capitalist exploitation. “The day will come, yes, the day will come / When we sow in the ashes of the world that once was.”

ἈΠΟΚΆΛΥΨΙΣ is set to release digitally on February 3rd, with pre-orders for physical copies through Heavenly Vault in the EU and Red Nebula in the US. TRESPASSER will be joined by anarchist black metal militia and Cvlt Nation favorite GRAVPEL on a fifteen-stop tour through Europe which kicks off February 17th in Delemont, Switzerland.

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