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Black Metal

The Militia Strikes! Watch the New single from Swiss black metal maniacs GRAVPEL

A blunt force assault of uncompromisingly loud and raw aggression, Gravpel returns to the origins of the genre. In times where black metal is mainstream, atmospheric or even avant-garde, this five-piece demolition squad aims to bring the danger back! A violent punk show and a finger to the face of all the miserable right-wing and NSBM shitheels trying to claim black metal for their ideology!

Pre-order GRAPVEL Power to the Filthy Masses here!

Power to the Filthy Masses is a forty-minute record featuring eight pleas for change, resistance, and action, a relentless assault on old morals and encrusted ideas of supremacy and imparity. It is the blunt, brute parole of the coming insurrection.

The record will be available on vinyl and tape and is released as a collaboration by AbArt Corruption (EU), Feral Age Records (EU), Red Nebula (US), and Bad Moon Rising (Asia) on the 22nd of October.

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