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Black Metal

Enter the harsh industrial black metal world of VESSEL OF INIQUITY “The Doorway”


Are you ready to hear the universe through the torment of Vessel of Iniquity’s new album The Doorway? As you enter this record you will feel an overwhelming sense of dread and mind-numbing thoughts of bewilderment. This project pushes extreme sound to unknown spheres of sonic storms that reign down upon you with each second you are walking through The Doorway. I must say that the atmosphere you will encounter is thick with pulverizing moments of despair. What really strikes me about this offering is how Vessel of Iniquity creates caverns of audio filth that will leave your thoughts floating away on clouds of blackened empathy. This fact is so evident in the title track, or on songs like “Self Not Self,” where the brutality is not something that is outside of us but in our own minds. Call me weird, because I find the sounds of Vessel of Iniquity’s The Doorway to have an almost meditative quality. I have so much respect for this project and it’s an honor to be able to share my feelings about it and I hope it slaps for y’all just as much as it did for me! This record is available now via the always-on-point Sentient Ruin Laboratories.

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Relapse DF 92123
Sentient 51423

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