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Listen the sick in the Head Hardcore Punk of RASH “HIVEMIND”

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Today I’m on my Hardcore Punk shit! What does it take for me to love a Punk record? It takes fury that can’t be tamed, chaotic rhythm that makes your skin crawl, and last but not freaking least, in your face vocals where you can feel the singer’s spit hitting your forehead through your headphones! One more thing – it takes tons of don’t give a fuck attitude! Chicago’s RASH has all of these attributes, which is why their new album HIVEMIND is the fucking bomb! This killer piece of Hardcore Punk angst comes out this month via the always on point Convulse Records and can be pre-ordered HERE! Make sure to check out our full stream of HIVEMIND below! Hardcore Punk will never DIE, it just keeps getting SICKER!

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