All Hail Christian Death… 1994 Live Ritual

Christian Death’s album Only Theatre of Pain is a classic that was way before its time. As a young hardcore kid in the 80′s, I would just stare at the album and think to myself, wow, these people are even freakier than me and my crew. On the back, Rikk Agnew is cradling a dead dog or something. Then I listened to their music, and I was hooked. I had never heard anything like it before. Rozz’s lyrics were straight poetry that lifted, destroyed and enlightened our young minds. Then there was the music; it had the sleaze of the mean streets of Hollywood and the angst of a generation. The song “Deathwish” has one of the illest guitar licks. “Dogs” finds Christian Death blending a dub-like feel into their atmosphere. They didn’t know that history was being made – these L.A death rockers just did it! If you ever are feeling down, put on “Romeo’s Distress” – it will take you to a new place of darkness where you will see the sun. Check out Christian Death performing live in 1994 right here and now. The quality of this full show is spot on! Enter Only Theatre of Pain and watch this killer gig.




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