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Discover A ShoeGaze Hidden Gem Circa 1994: BIZARRE’s ‘Beautica’ LP

Band photo: Peeter Paasmäe

Today I got to share with y’all one of the most underrated Shoegaze albums ever made called Beautica (out now via Seksound Record Label) from the band Bizarre. This record has become a part of my sonic life in a very big way! The ethereal majesty of tunes like “Ornaments” put me in a beautiful dream-like state, plus, with each listen I cry inner tears of joy! Inga’s vocals on this song float over the hypnotic track and lift my spirits to higher heights! I can’t believe that more people don’t know how beyond amazing this band truly is which is why I’m writing this feature. The title track has almost a Post Punk vibe to it but at the same time, it shimmers with audio magic.

The thing about Bizarre is that in 1994 they were able to create an album that sounds like it could be released in 2023. The cosmic textures and emotions that their songs possess are so UNREAL. “Dream Reverence” has R&B wings and Dub’s arms that make this song pull the listener up to another world. I know for a fact this band was not driven by money but were driven by the passion to manifest something really special. As a HUGE fan of Bizarre, I can say that they accomplished that and then some. I can hear their influences but at no time are they trying to sound like their influences. In fact, Bizarre wanted to sound like no other band doing it in 1994. So here is a challenge: blast their song “Pearlshell Fairy” and then tell me that they are not one of your new favorite Shoegaze bands. If anyone in Bizarre ever reads this I want them to know that 1994’s Creative Spirit lives on in 2023.

Band photo: Peeter Paasmäe
Band photo: Peeter Paasmäe
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