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Death Metal

Theatre of Pain! Watch this ROZZ WILLIAMS Documentary

Christian Death’s album Theatre of Pain is a classic that was way before its time. As a young hardcore kid in the 80′s, I would just stare at the album & think to myself, wow, these people are even freakier than me & my crew. I’m just saying, on the back Rikk Agnew is cradling a dead dog or something. Then I listened to their music & I was hooked. I had never heard anything like it before. Rozz’s lyrics were straight poetry that lifted, destroyed & enlightened our young minds. Then there was the music that had the sleaze of the mean streets of Hollywood & the angst of our generation. The song “Deathwish” has one of the illest guitar licks that draws you in & does not let you go. “Dogs” finds Christian Death blending a dub-like feel into their atmosphere. They didn’t know that history was being made – these L.A death rockers just did it! If you’re ever feeling down, put on “Romeo’s Distress,” it will take you to a new place of darkness where you’ll see the sun. Check out this cool ROZZ WILLIAMS documentary.

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