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Fuck OFF! The New Halshug LP ‘Drøm’ RULES!

photo by Ivan Riordan Boll

Sadly, most punk releases have become predictable copies of other predictable punk records. As much as I love d-beats and adults with charged hair using a chorus pedal, sometimes it just gets boring. Now, before you get triggered let me also say that I have no interest in attacking you or your favorite band but what good is an album that has nothing to offer other than a certain aesthetic that’s been copied dozens of times? Honestly, I don’t know, save that debate for the comments. With all that in mind, lets dive into a release that is all its own and yet, still makes you wanna put on a leather jacket and punch walls. Copenhagen based trio Halshug have completed work on their third studio full-length, Drøm, and will release the album through the riff daddies at Southern Lord.

Southern Lord Recordings
Southern Lord Europe

Jakob Johnsen – bass/vocals, Mathias Schønberg – guitar, Mads Folmer Richter – drums
Photo: Ivan Riordan

Drøm is, simply put, the bands best work to date. Halshug has successfully incorporated altered tempos, longer songs and more audible lyrics into their sound all while maintaining the intensity that is much sought after by punk and hardcore audiences. While that last sentence likely sounds like pretentious music snob language (largely because it is) it is so unbelievably difficult for bands to move past their early material without pissing off fans and labels in the process. Halshug’s early days consisted of raw d-beat and not much else. Drøm, however, stays true to these roots while finding the space for Dark-Wave and Industrial elements to be included with the band’s already aggressive approach to song structures.


Halshug has affirmed what we already knew; albums with more than one style incorporated into them will always turn heads. Purists be damned. Drøm is officially out everywhere on July 19th, and just speaking for no one but myself, this is absolutely the best record of 2019 so far. Cannot wait to see where this band goes, hopefully all you CVLT disciples will agree!

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