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Apocalyptic Blues

Find your Peace of mind! Watch the “REAL” A BARST Audiovisual Experience

Three words that are hard to find — “Peace of Mind.” I want to make it mine, all day every day. I want my negative thoughts to be replaced with those three words, I want to be free as a bird. My self-worth can’t be confined to a word. Thinking that I’m less than is just absurd. When I look in the mirror, who reflects back to me? I have self-love so I dig who’s looking back to me. Right now my eyes are gazing at BARST’s new visual and musical project called “REAL” A BARST Audiovisual Experience. This project was created for Consouling Sounds’ 24 HOURS OF DEEP LISTENING Fest.

Peace of Mind is mine and I know this to be true because listening to BARST is my sonic forcefield that keeps away any negative self-talk. Press play below and allow “REAL” A BARST Audiovisual Experience to guide you through this experience we call life! I’m so amazed at the music that BARST creates. I’m crying tears of joy inside because I’m so blessed that I have ears to hear and that is REAL!

During the continuous search for the work of art as conceived by BARST, the collective explores the creative spectrum of both audio and imagery simultaneously, influencing one and other, eventually merging into a whole.

BARST works through strong orchestration resulting from a free and intuitive process. BARST creates works of art which are very organic, but which conceal a long search and a clear vision through it’s well-thought-out conceptual approach

‘REAL’ is the collective’s latest project. An audiovisual experience that is the result of several years of cooperation between artists B. Desmet, N. Verwijk and C. Bernard. As a sonic and cinematic experience ‘REAL’ is centered around the exploration of concepts revolving around a landmark in the stages of human life. To leave behind the cacophony of modern existence and descend into a primal nature. The project and the process of its creation contemplate themes such as transformation, peace, the mind and the search for mankind’s natural place in the world.

This work, a union between image and sound, explores what it is to be human, what it means to be real.

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