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Feel the Hate from Sludge Legends TOADLIQUOR

I guess you could say I’m down with PMA, but damn do I like my sludge dirty, doomy and full of dirge. So when I really need to feel some down-tuned misery I put on TOADLIQUOR. These dudes were from Arroyo Grande, CA and starting in the early 90’s they created heavy music for the mentally right. On the popularity tip, they kept it cult-following styles and that’s the way they wanted it. TOADLIQUOR were all about creating timeless fucking doom laced with crust. The vocals from this band sound like tortured mental patients screaming to be heard. TOADLIQUOR had the whole Sabbath riff thing, but flipped it with more distorted vibe, plus their sound had an undertone of sinister and brutal crust. As a part of their 20th anniversary series, Southern Lord is releasing Cease & Decease, a collection of all of their known recordings plus the unreleased newly-recorded song included on the record, “(Closing Sections Of) Inter-Stellar Space,” which is now unveiled to the world and streaming below! To say that it’s an honor to share this with you is a HUGE understatement. Unholy fuck, this new song is so freaking good!!! Pick up Cease & Decease at the Southern Lord shop HERE and Bandcamp HERE.




Several of the initial recordings were originally recorded by Tim Green (The Fucking Champs, The Nation of Ulysses) and some of the resurrected tracks on Cease & Decease have here been remastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege. Housed in a deluxe gatefold Stoughton sleeve which includes existing as well as brand new artwork, Cease & Decease is pressed on two massive slabs of vinyl, with a full black pressing and a limited silver pressing strictly exclusive for the label’s subscription series.


Cease & Decease Track Listing:

LP 1 – The Complete Sections Of Inter-Stellar Space

A1. (Opening Sections Of) Inter-Stellar Space

A2. (Continuing Sections Of) Inter-Stellar Space

B1. (Second Continuing Sections Of) Inter-Stellar Space: Love

B2. (Closing Sections Of) Inter-Stellar Space

LP 2 – The Feel My Hate – The Power Is The Weight – R.I.P. Cain ‎LP

C1. Gnaw

C2. Swarm

C3. Charred

D1. Fratricide: A Requiem

D2. Survival Is The Fittest

D3. Tenderloin

D4. Nails



Written By

Sentient 51423

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