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Experience the Ultra Heavy and depraved doom of LAIR “At Our End”

I love peace, but I also want to cut all oppressors into pieces! I love Doom that’s beyond heavy and I love Gloom that reeks of filth. The world is a fucked up place right now, and music is going to help us all get through it! LAIR’s new EP At Our End is a monolithic slab of disgusting Doom that I’m finding myself becoming addicted to. They create the kind of songs that hold up a mirror to the ugly world we’re living in right now. LAIR’s songs are bluesy death hymns that need to be heard by all, and will help you uplift yourself from your anguish! I have nothing but respect for Hand Of Death – I want to salute them for releasing this record on February 19th – pre-order in effect HERE! Yo LAIR, respect due for allowing us to share your new song “At Our End” with the world!

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