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Death Metal

Experience the Raw Putrid Live Energy of CORPSESSED ‘Skeletal Grotesquery’

If you don’t know now you know that Corpsessed is one of my favorite Death Metal bands! I love the putrid tones of filth that create in all of their songs. It would be awesome to see them live, but since I can’t, I will have to settle on blasting their new live album Skeletal Grotesquery, which comes out on May 29th via Krucyator Productions. Join us as we celebrate the killer Corpsessed record with a full stream below.

“The band was created in the first place to be a live band and is best experienced on the stage and with loud volume. This recording captures that raw energy and intensity without any overdubs or corrections and encapsulates the band’s sound in its purest unadulterated essence.”

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Sentient 51423

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