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Death Doom

Experience the Putrid Disgusting Death Doom of GATEWAY ‘Galgendood’

WTF — I write this from a disgusting place of praise for the new GATEWAY album Galgendood that comes out on July 21st via Transcending Obscurity Records. I say this with my chest: this band has manifested one of the strongest Death Doom records of 2023, real talk. The vocal tones on this record are freaking sensational in a putrid and morbid way. On the musical tip, this band’s songs will put you in a sonic headlock and never let you go! How long have I been a fan of GATEWAY? A long time, from day one actually, and “Galgendood” has only made me a STAN! Join us as we celebrate the revolting release of their new record with a stream of their title track below and y’all can pre-order Galgendood HERE!

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Relapse DF 92123
Sentient 51423

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