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Experience the Pummelling Heavy Hardcore Of ARMA X ‘Violento Ritual’

Unholy fuck yes — the debut album from Arma X entitled Violento Ritual is all that and insanely RAD! Their brand of Hardcore has depth and passion that kills all negative self-talk. I just can’t get over the songwriting on this record because every tune is an anthem. Arma X creates these pits melodic dirge that suffocates and uplifts at the same time! I could totally see our whole family starting a circle pit in our living room as we blast Violento Ritual. I’m really fucking happy to share with y’all their new album in full below. I also want to give a HUGE Shout Out to Quality Control HQ for releasing another classic record! Arma X’s Violento Ritual comes out on Sept. 9th and I’ve got to say that this is a Hardcore Record y’all need in your collection!

Photography by Juan Carlos Labrador
Art by @eye_dust 
Written By

Sentient 51423

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