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Death Metal

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the Death Thrash War Bringers

UnHoly Hell Fucking YES!!! The new record from STEEL BEARING HAND Slay In Hell is a straight Death Thrash eargasm!!! It’s full of the kind of rawkus energy that gets me hyped and the riffs are on another level of destruction! This band makes you want to forget about all of the fucked shit around us and focus on what’s important: HEAD BANGING! This sonic majestic beast drops on April 2nd via the unstoppable Carbonized Records and can be pre-ordered HERE! Right here and right now, we’re premiering the STEEL BEARING HAND song “Lich Gate” below.

“Lich Gate” is an anthem dedicated to the black arts of necromancy. Forbidden, reviled, and scorned as a serious science, a sorcerer dedicates himself to this abominable craft in order to realize his will, culminating in world conquest.

Written By

Relapse DF 92123
Sentient 51423

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