Listen to the Explosive Molotov Cocktail that is ISOTOPE!

Remember the name ISOTOPE, because they have created one of the SICKEST Hardcore // Crust records of 2019! This self-titled sonic weapon of destruction against all corruption is full of jams that are urgent and intense. ISOTOPE has conjured 8 stench-filled anthems that I am going to have on repeat until the end of time because it’s that FUCKING GOOD! Do not get it twisted – these humans know how to play their instruments with a shit load of passion and it’s really addictive for the listener. Carbonized Records releases their new record on April 5th, the same day that ISOTOPE will be playing the Black Lab in Vancouver, BC, one of the stops on their record release tour. Today CVLT Nation is streaming their new track “Godless Blade” below, and you can pre-order their vinyl HERE!




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