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Black Metal

Blackened Texas Thrash: Steel Bearing Hand New Track + Tour

Blackened death thrashers Steel Bearing Hand are yet another jewel in the massive treasure trove of Texas metal. Fast, loud and a toxic blend of their influences, from Celtic Frost and and Mercyful Fate to Autopsy and Deicide, they are very much a product of the glory days of metal. Cutthroat riffs are the centerpiece of this band; they are the army that rides in to save Hell from the monsters that brutal death metal bellows summon. As their bio says, “Out from the wastes of Cimmeria, Steel Bearing Hand has come to tread the jeweled thrones of the earth with booted feet and overthrow the heretical tyrants and sacrilegious interlopers who corrupt the sanctity of Metal.” It doesn’t take long into the latest track, “Command of the Infernal Exarch,” to see Conan the Barbarian defeating a giant serpent to a Steel Bearing Hand soundtrack.


[youtube id=”Gt3KKoXNeZI”]

Says the band, “The song ‘Command of the Infernal Exarch’ will be on an upcoming four way split with Weapönizer, Whipstriker and Hammr to be released by Unholy Anarchy Records. Our song was recorded and mixed by Irving at Imperial Mind/Room 65 Recordings and the whole split was mastered by Jack Control at Enormous Door. After the March dates, we return to finish up our second full length album and plan for the tour to support it.”

Catch Steel Bearing Hand on their upcoming Midwest tour beginning Thursday in Austin, TX.


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Teddie currently resides in the swamp that is New Orleans. She writes about music, photographs musicians and sends apologies in advance for her head blocking your view at a show. Follow her on Instagram @teddiestaylor.

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