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Death Rock

Experience The Deathrock Gaze of BLEACH BIRTH’s “Caesarean Tapestries”

What do you know about BLEACH BIRTH? Let me tell you that this band rules and they are able to worship Rudimentary Peni Death Church-era like no other! Don’t get it twisted – they are far from any sort of cover band; actually, I feel like they are one of the most important bands in the underground right now. BLEACH BIRTH’s new tape is called Caesarean Tapestries and will be out in January. As of now, it will be a digital-only release, but if we can help any way we are going to help find them a home because we need these songs on vinyl or tape. BLEACH BIRTH don’t create for the hype or the props – year after year they kick out the cryptic Deathrock Gaze tunes for the love of it! You are one lucky bastard because CVLT Nation is streaming BLEACH BIRTH’s Caesarean Tapestries record in full below! Also peep these two exclusive covers “I Love You (Black Flag)” and “Faith Not Sight (Civil Disobedience).”



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