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Experience this Intense can of Sonic Whoop Ass! Exclusive Stream BAS ROTTEN “Surge”

Oh hell fucking yes – the new Bas Rotten album Surge is a rocking sonic fist of fury! On the real, this band is creating next level blistering intense crossover that’s right on point. Every time I listen to this record my brain cells go ape shit with joy because this band gets me hyped. If they were around in the 80’s they would give Suicidal a run for their money. I can make a point like this because I was there and I know Bas Rotten could hold their own! Not only do their songs beat you over the head but they also give you the energy to get through this lovely thing we call life! Fuck the dumb shit, I’m totally hyped to share with you their album in full below…Respect due to To Live A Lie Records (NA) and Aim Down Sight Records (EU) for releasing this caustic gem on Nov. 20th. Yo Bas Rotten – you really pushed my wig back with this one!

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