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Death Metal

CVLT Nation Streaming:
VORTEX OF END “Black Blood Kapala”

You are now tuning into a black planet called HATE! Our soundtrack for the day will be the new VORTEX OF END song “Black Blood Kapala” – make sure to remove all sharp objects from your home! Unholy fuck, this song is a blast of unbridled sonic havoc that does not let up from the word go! Our comrades Deadlight Entertainment will be releasing the new VORTEX OF END album entitled FVLGVR.LVX.TERROR which you can pre-order HERE, May 20th is the official release date! Today CVLT Nation has been given the green light to share with you their tune “Black Blood Kapala” in full below…All wimps need not press play – if you do, this war wave of Black Death will drown you!


Written By

Relapse DF 92123
Sentient 51423

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