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Exclusive CVLT Nation Streaming: “Jdi a Dívej Se” – A Benefit Black Metal Compilation for the Czech Antifa

Jdi a Dívej Se (“Idi i Smotri”, or “Come and See”) is a breath-taking Russian movie from 1985, and now also a compilation presenting seven Czech black metal bands deeply rooted in their local hardcore/punk scene, and released digitally by Coffee Breath Records. Each band provided previously unreleased material recorded exclusively for this record and helped create this unique sonic mosaic made of a wide range of emotions, tones and words with one common denominator – to fight against fascism in all its forms. Go and see it. Listen, think and never stop fighting. In essence, this is a benefit compilation with Czech black metal bands, trying to raise money for the Czech Antifa.



This compilation is also self-released as a 2xLP, limited to 500 copies, with a massive booklet containing photos of places connected with antifascist resistance or fascist persecution, and distributed by Dayafter (CZ). The places on the photographs were chosen by the bands themselves, adding another dimension to the music and lyrics.


The Jdi a Dívej Se record contains the following bands: Kruh, Pustina, Marnost, sgra, Lichens, Doppelganger of Death and Smuteční Slavnost. The entire project is a benefit for anti-racist and antifascist campaign Good Night White Pride.


CVLT Nation has been given the privilege to stream this project below. Contact/preorder info for the project:



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