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Exclusive Album Premiere: NATURAL ORTHODOXY “Legacies of Rust”

Today we’re stoked to bring you the full album premiere of Legacies of Rust, the debut album by one-man Manchester UK-based death-noise aberration NATURAL ORTHODOXY. Through a cacophonous and plague-ridden deluge of swarming power electronics, mangled beats, and tortured vocals, N.O. has managed to harness incredible realms of sonic torture and of conceptually abhorrent artistic torment, summoning a cesspool of utter disgust that brings to mind acts like Trepaneringsritualen, Wolf Eyes, Merzbow, and Prurient all meat-ground together in a hideous pulp.

N.O. has played shows alongside Full of Hell, Svartvit, and Smell & Quim in the past year and the album was recorded by No Studio (who’s worked on albums by Wode, Crowhurst, and Pijn) and is being released by Phage Tapes (super prolific noise label who’s released tapes for Mania, Pharmakon, Vomir, Merzbow, Koufar).

The theme of the album supposedly centres around Albert Pierrepoint who was Britain’s last hangman, who was called to Germany to hang the Nazi war criminals after the war. This is set alongside other themes of justice and crime in the UK, such as Strangeways Prison in Manchester (next to which the album was recorded). The idea is to think about the line between justice and punishment, and ultimately revenge. What to say? Fucking BACKED. Get your N.O. from Phage Tapes now.





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