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Experience the Otherworldy  Hypnotic Soundscapes of VANESSA BEDORET’s “EYES”

I write this from a place of BLISS. I write this from a place of WONDERMENT. I write this from a place OF POSITIVE Self Talk. I write this from a place where Vanessa Bedoret’s new album Eyes (out NOW on Scenic Route Records) has changed the way that I see myself in reality! Her hypnotic soundscapes will shapeshift inside your brainwaves to create these sonic cathedrals of pure amazement. As I listen to songs like “Choice” or “Ballad,” I reminisce about walking in Hampstead Heath looking to the sky knowing that right now will not last forever. Vanessa Bedoret’s music is for sure ethereal but it’s here where her power comes to life and becomes a looking glass into place we might now want to see. The BIG TUNE 1/2 starts with almost this industrial vibe before morphing into an anthem that is part apocalyptic humanoid looking at our place on earth through the creative vision of Vanessa. With each play, EYES will sound different to you because the sounds on this record will play off of whatever mood you are in! If the life we live is a movie, then Vanessa has created a soundtrack to many of our lives. Her music should not only be heard but it should also be felt. If I could curate a show in London, I would love to have Vanessa Bedoret, Space Afrika, Rainy Miller, and Spew. Before I let you go, you should know that Vanessa is one of the illest violinists on the planet! Oh yeah, the title EYES is sublime, and I can’t get enough of Vanessa’s voice!

Written By

Sentient 51423

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