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Enter the Hypnotic, Drone-Laced Doom World of GGU:LL “Ex Est”

WTF!! The new album from Ggu:ll entitled Ex Est is so fucking good! They truly have made a Doom album in 2022 that will be here forever! The amount of Blackened Empathy on this record is UNREAL. The tones that this band has created are perfect and super haunting. Ggu:ll is giving us the soundtrack to the emotional terror that we have all faced over the past couple of years. I love the space they give the riffs to grow which allows the listener to immerse themselves in every track. Hot damn, the vocals on Ex Est are full of agony and pain which only makes me love them more. Big tunes like “Stuip” prove that this band is shaping the genre of Doom in their own likeness which I respect 100%. Ggu:ll’s sound is majestic like a clear winter sky and heavy as the realities of the world. If y’all had one Doom record to buy this year this record should be it. I want to give a massive shout-out to Consouling Sounds for releasing another album that means something to the world!

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Sentient 51423

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