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Did APEX PREDATOR just release
the best Hardcore demo of 2021?


This Apex Predator demo packs the sonic punch of Triple 6 Mafia “Tear da Club Up” so you better get with the program! Every fucking song slaps harder than Tony Atlas. This band puts a Hardcore battery in my back to go totally ape shit in a circle pit. Don’t even get me started on their insanely gnarly breakdowns that make me want to snap the necks of racist bastards, real talk!

Lyrically and vocally, Apex Predator is urgent and intense which makes me even more of this band. This demo is one of those cases where it sounds better than a lot of bands’ albums. I’m not trying to throw any shade, I’m just saying.

These hardcore warriors have created a raging caustic affair that at its core is very uplifting. “Strength of Determination” makes me say hell fucking yes — when Apex Predator comes to Vancouver the whole family has to roll out to the show. Before I go, I’ve got to say that the way this demo sounds is AMAZING and the songwriting is off the chain. If you asked me right now has Apex Predator created the best Hardcore demo of 2021, I would have to say yes. They have set the bar high, now let’s see what happens.

I want to say thank you to everyone who made this demo a reality because I will be playing it non-stop. This is a message to Apex Predator: please make some tees with the cover art!

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Sentient 51423

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