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Black Metal

DEVIL MASTER is Back With a Wicked New LP ‘Ecstasies of Never Ending Night’

devil master
by Cecil Shang Whaley

In 2016, the world of extreme metal and punk was cracked wide open and out spilled DEVIL MASTER – one part second wave black metal malevolence and one part death-obsessed brutal punk fury. From jump, everything they’ve released has been not only meticulously calibrated to their fan base but musically explorative, shocking old heads and young bucks alike. Their approach to this fusion is notable for its use of thrash gallups, heavy guitar chorus, weirdo harmonic minor leads and a never-ending supply of full spectrum riffage. Conveniently, the listener has likewise been granted an artistic trail of cohesive gloom, beginning with the unmatched airbrush fantasies of Blinko-esque Indonesian artist Bharata Danu and followed by collaborations with such celebrated occult artists as Erica Frevel, whom directed their most recent music video ‘Acid Black Mass.’

While their LP Ecstasies of Never Ending Night which drops today is technically their second full length, DEVIL MASTER is one of those badass bands that has had their first two demos also be released a compilation album on vinyl several times by none other than the Philly-originating juggernaut label Relapse Records. Having set the bar high from jump, they’ve refused to let up by improving, exploring and refining the art every step of the forsaken road and now have more chemistry and direction than ever.

by Cecil Shand Waley

If you’re in on the joke of their stage personas et al there’s no need to waste the breath but for those in the dark [pun intended] the group touts a self-aware brand of satanism and occult proficiency, inspired by the aforementioned obvious candidates but moreover the Japanese hardcore bands of yore such as G.IS.M. and Gloom who made heavy use of stage theatrics and almost cartoonish displays of demonic habitude. There’s also no use in omitting classic grindhouse horror tropes, especially the massively beloved 80s Spaghetti Slashers subgenre. Known for draping the venue in spider webs before taking the stage and referring to those who take their black metal aesthetic style too seriously as ‘clowns‘ the curation behind their presentation is anything but unresearched.

In contrast to their previous releases, Ecstasies employs courageous use of atmosphere and meandering progressions that are no less hooky but a fair degree more intellectually stimulating while still providing a guttural head-bangable foundation from which to drift. Unsurprisingly, they opted to work with producer Pete DeBoer, known for his work with Blood Incantation and Spectral Voice, for this record going straight to analog in classic trve cvlt fashion. They’ve even added a new drummer this round who absolutely kills the blazing meter both at breakneck pace and breakdown lull. He goes by the name of Festering Terror in Deepest Catacomb but you might know him as Chris Ulsh of Power Trip and Iron Age. Grab it today here while you still can because these motherfuckers promise to sell out fast. We’re hopeful for more from these death soldiers. The Devil is your master!!!
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