Depravity, Domination, and Torture…
Band Spot Light: DAGGER LUST

Vrasubatlat is a northwestern collective that have released some of the most vile music since last summer. These humans deserve a label spotlight feature on CVLT Nation, which will take place in the very near future! Right here and now, I want to bring your attention to Dagger Lust, who happen to be a part of the Vrasubatlat collective. They have released 2 tapes, Aggramica and VT-VII, and both of them are sick in the fucking skull underground classics that defy genres. This band’s songs reek of the scent of decomposing riffs that suffocate the listener with each listen. In their own morbid way, Dagger Lust finds ways to inject their music with this flesh-eating sense of melody that you feel crawling all over you. Damn, the vocals are death growls that go perfectly with the torture-filled sounds that surround them. I will put a label on Dagger Lust: UN-FUCKING-TOUCHABLE SONIC WARFARE! Every band that is down with Vrasubatlat is the shit, so make sure to check out their web store! Do me a favor – spread the word about Dagger Lust like it’s an inhumane virus that can not be stopped…Good looking out to Mattia for the heads up – you were right homie!


dagger lust

dagger lust




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